Madagascar presidential elections: Preliminary results

Andry Rajoelina / google

At 9 pm the preliminary results of the presidential race for Madagascar certain regions appeared. In general, the observers have found the election procedure to be peaceful, but unfortunately there were noted illegal and unpleasant events, such as the resistance of CENI to carry out legal sociological practice, for instance, to conduct exit-polls made by representatives for the Safidiko newspaper .
During the day, the representatives of CENI hindered the holding of the exit polls: the law enforcement forces stopped and did not allow Safidiko to carry out its work.
In spite of all the resistance of CENI Safidiko was able to make a research around the country to obtain the preliminary results. According to the first counts, by around 5 pm Andry Rajoelina got about 52% of votes. The candidate number 13 got the biggest support in the south of Madagascar and in the villages.

Source: Safidiko


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